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123 Mastering is a Music Mastering and Audio Mastering company with professional results. Online mastering at good prices. Quick Mastering and Fast Mastering is something we do at 123 Mastering.

Our Favourite Question!

What is mastering?

Music Mastering is the final stages in the music production process. It is the step where we make any last adjustments and refine the overall sound to get it’s full potential from every system it might be played on. It’s important to remember mastering is different to mixing and vice versa. At 123 Mastering, we ensure your track leaves us sounding clear, powerful and professional!

What should you expect from mastering?

You can expect subtle but important differences in your overall sound from the song. If your bass frequencies were too low then we might of brought them up to suit the style of music, or alternatively we may have done the opposite if they were uncontrolled and loud. Our mastering engineers have had years of training to ensure that our changes do not compromise your song, but instead allow it reach it’s full potential. In the end, the result you will have is greatly improved sound quality and clarity. You will have a finished audio file presented in a manner that is ready for distribution.

What are your rates?

Our rates may seem low but we believe in offering professional mastering to producers on a budget. For more information on prices, visit our pricing page here.

When will my songs be ready?

We pride ourselves on turnaround times! You should receive your file back within 1-4 business days. We can offer rush* jobs if you specifically require them.

*There may be a small charge incurred if you request a rush job.

What type of file should I submit?

We recommend you only send us stereo wave files (WAV.).

What quality of file should I send?

Firstly, as we previously mentioned, it’s recommended that you submit your music as a WAV. File. We also recommend sending your file in the highest sample rate and bit depth you have your file in. Our ideal format is:

       –          WAV

       –          96kHz

       –          24 Bit

WARNING – This does not mean if all your production, recording and mixing sessions have been in 44.1kHz then you should convert it to 96kHz! NO! If the highest you have worked on your file is 44.1kHz, please send us 44.1kHz. This also applies with bit depth. If you convert your music up in sample rate or bit depth you will only be making your file quality less!


123 Mastering is an online mastering service offering studio quality at bedroom prices. We are as passionate about mastering as you are with your music!